Zevan Davidson Roman Law Firm Articles High School Junior Develops Serious Skin Condition Overnight

High School Junior Develops Serious Skin Condition Overnight

By David Zevan  May. 15, 2013 9:51a

Stevens Johnson Syndrome is a condition that will sometimes present with symptoms that include a rash, strange sores, and flu-like symptoms. It is a condition that doctors do not see too frequently, but is very serious and progresses quickly and vigorously. It can even be fatal.

A 17-year-old high school student developed SJS after being prescribed an antibiotic medication for a sinus infection. His mother said “To know that your 17-year-old son is playing basketball on a Thursday and then fighting for his life on a Friday to keep this disease from killing him, we absolutely don’t take anything for granted now.” She said that her son had taken the same medication, Zithromax, for a sinus infection previously, without incident. But this time he developed sores in his mouth and went back to the doctor.

The doctors at the emergency room where he ended up that night in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, identified the condition he was experiencing as Stevens Johnson Syndrome although they had only seen it once before. He had to be admitted to the hospital and treated in the ICU. His entire body was taken over.

His immune system was severely compromised and doctors feared that moving him to another facility that might be better equipped to handle his condition, could mean disaster. He could easily pick up another bug or virus at the other hospital or in transit and this could make the situation even worse. As it was, his throat was closing up because it became so swollen, and doctors anticipated having to put a breathing tube down his throat.

After six days in the ICU and seven days total in the hospital, he was well enough to be released. He lost 26 pounds from the episode and is still in recovery. Doctors say that recovery could be a six month long process. Recovery from Stevens Johnson Syndrome skin disease is not quick, but he is lucky since some cases can be fatal.

Stevens Johnson Syndrome is impossible to predict because it is triggered by an allergic reaction. Patients may react to prescription medications that doctors prescribe or over the counter medications that can be found at any drugstore.

Plaintiffs who have filed personal injury cases against drug companies have complained that the warning labels on medications that can be purchased over the counter need to be improved and are inadequate.

Product Liability Lawyers

If you or a loved one has reacted similarly to a medication or has developed Stevens Johnson Syndrome, contact a product liability attorney who can assist you in filing a case and getting the damages that your family deserves. It is important that drug labels include warnings and that families are forewarned of some of the dangerous possibilities that accompany some of these medications. Contact a product liability lawyer if you have any questions about a possible case or if you would like your case evaluated.

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