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How to Handle a Case of Medical Negligence

By David Zevan  May. 15, 2014 11:39a

  • To make a medical negligence claim, the patient should have suffered an injury or some form of damage arising from the health care provider's actions. The actions are not always direct such as a misdiagnosis or faulty prescription (which is not direct), but can cause long-term and harmful effects. Medical negligence claims arise when a patient gets injured and doesn't receive the treatment that meets the acceptable medical standard.

  • Medical negligence claims are filed through the civil court system that falls in the same area in which the malpractice occurred. Medical negligence claims are raised by patients to seek financial compensation for injuries suffered because of health care provider's mistake. Medical negligence can necessitate prolonged and expensive treatment, and may leave a person disabled. The patient may not be able to return to work due to the injury. The compensation may cover medical costs, wage loss, and pain and suffering.

  • Laws governing medical malpractice are dictated through state interpretation. There are different state interpretations and statute of limitations. This means that you cannot just wake up and decide to file a medical negligence law suit. There are guidelines to be followed. This helps regulate when and how a medical negligence claim should be raised.

Steps to follow when filiing a medical negligence claim.

  • So as to recover all expenses arising from injuries caused or emotional distress suffered, the patient should gather all information linked to their case. The injured patient should also have a comprehensive list of all actions undertaken by the medical professional involved. A list of all appointments, prescriptions, diagnoses and any proof of wages or time lost during the whole ordeal should be presented as well during the medical negligence trial.

  • After all necessary information has been gathered and the injured patient has proper understanding of the state`s interpretive laws regarding medical negligence, he/she should consider hiring a medical malpractice lawyer. The lawyer will help arrange all documents and evidences, and will represent the medical negligence case on behalf of the victim in the court of law.

  • Once the patient has hired the services of an attorney, he will come up with a strategy that is in the plaintiff's best interests. Remember, a good and strong case is always built on the amount of information and evidence. Do your research well, and hire a highly skilled and experienced medical malpractice attorney.

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