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Attorney Fees

Tom Dunnion explains what contingency fees are.
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How Long Will It Take?

Attorney Tom Dunnion speaks about the length of time it may take to settle your case.
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Why Hire An Attorney?

Tom Dunnion explains why it is crucial to hire an attorney for any accident you been involved in which was caused by someone else's negligence.
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We Can Help

Tom Dunnion got me the money I deserved.
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The Dunnion Law Firm

Personal Injury Attorney Tom Dunnion discusses his firm's extensive experience and background.
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It's Just That Easy

Call Tom Dunnion, this is what he does.
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What Is Your Case Worth?

Mr. Dunnion speaks about some of the factors involved in determining the amount of compensation you could receive for your injuries.
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The Truth About Insurance Companies

Mr. Dunnion discusses insurance companies and how they may not always have your best interest in mind.
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I got hurt in a car wreck and I have some questions
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The Big Settlement

I wanted the big settlement, I called Tom Dunnion
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Let Us Fight For You

There is no way I could have got the big settlement without Tom Dunnion's help.
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Call Tom Dunnion

If you don't get help, some insurance company will rip you off
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Filing a Personal Injury Claim

Attorney Chris Givens discusses filing a personal injury lawsuit and how the Givens Law Group can help you maximize your recovery.
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Contingency Fee

McGuire Law works on a contingency fee basis for all personal injury claims.
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How Long Will Your Claim Take?

How long a personal injury case takes will vary depending on the circumstances.
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Why Hire an Attorney?

What you do in the time after an accident is crucial. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when you may be dealing with serious injuries and financial difficulties.
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Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is best defined as any failure by a professional in the health care industry to provide proper care.
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Insurance Companies

Some insurance companies may offer fair compensation for injury claims, but most of the time you may be in danger of receiving a settlement that does not fully cover all of your medical bills and ...
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What Is Your Case Worth?

No two injury claims are the same. The value of your case may vary depending on the extent of injury you have sustained, as well as the impact your injuries will have on you now and in the future.
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Birth Injuries

In a birth injury claim, financial compensation is often based upon two primary factors: the extent of injury and the impact this injury will have on the child’s life into the future.
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