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I was hit in the face with a piece of metal that the weld broke on causing it to come back and hit me in the face it was under tremendous pressure when it broke loose. went to one ER and all the did was take a lok at my teeth and sent me to another ER because they didnt have an oral surgeon on hand. The second ER loked at me got me stitched up and had a oral surgeon look at me and scheual an appointmen with him to get my teeth taken care of. The did nor CT scan or MRI at thbe ER. I seen my oral surgeon and he took care of my teeth the following day. I went back to him a week later was complaing of server headaches, and he said that was probably from the concussion. Iwas never told at the ER I had a concussion but he said it was in the notes they gave him. The oral surgeon released me but he said he wanted me to see my family DR about the headaches. So I did and he diagnosed me with server brain trauma and schedualed an CT scan immediality it came back negative but I was still having issues with headaches dizzynes and forgetfullnes so he set me up to get an MRI and it came back abnormal. A case manager from my workers compinsation company then became involved and set me up with a neurosurgeon neurologist to look at me MRI and tell me what was wrong. The white matter in my bain decinagrated and my brain stretched causeing me to have holes in my brain. the accident occured on March 28th I believe and I havent been b ack to woork since and am still having theses issues. what should I do do I have a malpractice case?

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It sounds like the medical workers may not have devoted the correct amount of attention in your injury to find the true issue that was occurring. A medical malpractice claim is rarely a cut and dry answer and the best decision is to speak with an attorney from your area that can review the aspects of the situation more in depth. In a medical malpractice case it will need to be proven that the medical staff, such as a doctor, failed to provide a certain standard of care and that their negligence had a direct result on the injury that a patient sustained. This may be an infection, a physical injury or even a misdiagnosis that caused the patient to suffer with the problem for a longer period of time, rather than having the opportunity to start treating the real issue. It is common for medical staff to become calloused and careless in their action. They may begin to write off patients’ symptoms instead of exploring them more; even when only a little more investigation could have led them to the true problem.

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