Patient died of medicarion error in a nursing home, is the nurse in trouble?

The medication of a newly admitted patient has not arrrived. The nurse borrowed the exact same heart medication from another resident but the dose was a half lower than the prescribed medication. So, the lower dose was given x1 and the rest of the days the right medication and dose were given. The vital signs has been stable. On the 4th day resident went on cardiac arrest and died on the hands of paramedics.

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It is important for the correct medication to always be given since even a simple mistake can lead to a catastrophic result and additional health complications. It may or may not have been the actions of the nurse that were to blame and it would be wise to speak with an attorney in your area further about this. Since it sounds as though the correct dosage was given, it was just another patient’s medicine that was used, it does not appear as though the patient was given the wrong medicine. An attorney can help to investigate this situation further to determine if there was any correlation between the nurse’s actions and the fatality, or if the resident passed from other medical issues that were unrelated. Healthcare workers are required to adhere to a certain standard and to carry out the correct protocol and when their failure to do this leads to a patient suffering an illness, injury or wrongful death, a medical malpractice case may be necessary to pursue.

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