January, 2012 Videos

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Avandia Alert

Wendt Goss is here to help if you or a loved one has suffered a heart attack, congested heart failure or heart related death due to Avandia.
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Yaz Warning

Wendt Goss, P.C. is standing by to help if or a loved one has been injured by Yaz, Yasmin or Ocella.
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Wrongful Death

Samuel Wendt explains the firms experience dealing with wrongful death cases.
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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Mr. Wendt talks about some of the signs of nursing home abuse and neglect.
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Dangerous Pharmaceuticals

Attorney Samuel Wendt discusses some of the dangerous pharmaceutical drug related cases they have handled and how an attorney from the firm can help.
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How Long Will Your Claim Take?

Injury attorney Peter Goss discusses the factors that affect the length of a personal injury case.
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Wrongful Death

Attorney Brian Kurth explains the importance of seeking compensation for a loved one if they have passed away due to a wrongful death related injury.
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Medical Malpractice

Injury attorney Geoff Meyerkord talks about medical malpractice cases and why you should hire an attorney if you have been injured due to the negligence of another.
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Law Offices of David R. Silva

Attorney David Silva speaks about the different types of accident cases his firm handles.
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Contingency Fee

David Silva explains how a contingency fee works.
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Free Consultation

Mr. Silva offers a free consultation to discuss the particulars of your injury.
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How Much is Your Case Worth?

David Silva discusses the factors involved in determining the value of your case.
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Some Injuries May Appear Minor

David Silva speaks about serious injuries that may seem minor now but can worsen over time.
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Medical Malpractice

Attorney Courtney Smith injuries sustained due to the mistakes or recklessness of a medical professional.
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How Much Is Your Case Worth?

Attorney Courtney Smith explains the issues involved in determining the value of your injury case.
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Medical Malpractice

Personal injury lawyer James Belote talks about medical malpractice claims and why you should seek the representation.
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Medical Malpractice

We have experienced trial attorneys who know how to handle these type of cases.
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