April, 2013 Videos

Wrongful Death

Learn what it means when a case is defined as a wrongful death case in Connecticut.
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Value of your Case

There are many factors involved in determining how much your injury case is worth.
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Medical Treatment

Mr. McCoy discusses the importance of documented medical treatment after an accident.
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Medical Malpractice

Learn what is required for filing a Medical malpractice case from Attorney Frank McCoy.
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Over 90% of Cases are Settled

Attorney Frank McCoy speaks on case settlement success as well as what should be done if a case does not get settled and needs to be taken to trail.
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Rita speaks about her experience with the attorneys at McCoy & McCoy.
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Choosing Your Attorney

Experience is key to avoiding the tricks and traps of insurance companies.
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Should I Sue?

When you have an accident you need to protect your rights and you shouldn't be at the mercy of the insurance companies.
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