The Tolson Firm, LLC Articles Government Study Shows Medical Errors in Medicare Patients

Government Study Shows Medical Errors in Medicare Patients

By The Tolson Firm, LLC  Aug. 26, 2013 10:03a

A government report released in 2010 showed that mistakes as well as unavoidable problems cause the deaths of approximately 15,000 patients receiving Medicare in the U.S. every month. The report stated that about 13 percent of Medicare patients every month are involved in an adverse event, which includes errors on the part of medical practitioners and hospitals as one of the contributing causes. The report was released by the Health and Human Services Department. Medicare is the federal government health insurance that covers those aged 65 and above. The report claimed that 44 percent of the problems experienced by these patients were avoidable.

The report was generated by studying a random sample of Medicare patients who had recently been hospitalized. Unfortunately, the elderly are generally much more prone to require medical care and hospitalization for adverse health conditions than other age groups. They are also generally more fragile and vulnerable to health damage or injury when mistakes occur. Medical errors which can occur include anesthesia errors, blood transfusion injuries, brain injuries, emergency room errors, failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, hospital infections, injury caused by radiation, medication or pharmacy errors, surgical errors, laboratory errors, and other forms of negligence or incompetence at the hands of doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists, therapists, dentists, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Medical Malpractice Firm in Atlanta, Georgia

Medical errors leading to injury and death are not something those seeking health care generally consider. Yet they happen every year to individuals young and old across the nation. When they do occur, those who have been injured or who have lost a loved one in a tragic death may seek legal recourse through a medical malpractice claim or lawsuit to cover the damages and losses involved.

Getting qualified legal help for such an endeavor is key to ensuring that you have the best chance for success. The Tolson Law Firm, LLC is a law practice focusing on medical malpractice cases of all types. An attorney at the firm will work vigorously to help protect your interests in the wake of a preventable medical error incident. The firm will aggressively represent you throughout the entire filing process and will seek the best possible outcome for your case. Lead attorney Tolson is a recognized Top Trial Lawyer in the state of Georgia. She and her legal team are dedicated to seeking justice for those injured through carelessness. Contact the firm to learn more about how the team can help you and what can be done on your behalf today.

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