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Failure to Diagnose Prostate Cancer

By David Zevan  May. 21, 2014 10:07a

Prostate cancer affects millions of men across the world. The earlier it is detected the better. Early intervention can help treat the condition and prevent further complications. Health experts advise that men around the age of 50 should undergo prostate cancer screening. Individuals who are at a higher risk are often checked even sooner.

How is prostate cancer detected?
It is important that everyone understands that any ordinary doctor is capable of detecting prostate cancer. This is done by conducting any or both of the available tests. These two prostate cancer tests include:

  • Digital rectal exam (DRE)
  • Prostate specific antigen blood test (PSA)

When there is a prostate problem, certain protein levels rise in the bloodstream. The PSA tests measure the level of this specific protein in the blood. However, this may not be an affirmative test, and for this reason, the DRE test becomes necessary. This test is simple as the doctor checks manually for any anomalies in shape texture and size of the prostate. Doctors do this by inserting a gloved and well lubricated finger in the rectum.

Prostate cancer symptoms
As you read these symptoms, take note that very few men experience these symptoms during the early phases. Here is a list of the symptoms:

• Problems urinating
• Weak or interrupted urination
• Pain or burning sensation when passing out urine
• Erectile dysfunction
• Difficulty in urination
• Blood in semen or urine
• Frequent pain as well as stiffness in the hips, upper thighs, and lower back

Medical mistakes that translate to delayed diagnosis of prostate cancer :
• Failure to recommend prostate cancer screening
• Failure to thoroughly examine suspicious findings
• Failure to effectively communicate and coordinate with other medical care providers
• Failure to order or conduct PSA testing
• Failure to follow-up on PSA test results
• Failure to order and conduct DRE tests
• Failure to recommend early prostate cancer screening for men with heightened risks

Injuries resulting from failure to diagnose prostate cancer
Lives can be saved if prostate cancer is detected at earlier stages. Other complications such as sexual dysfunction can be averted, and the overall quality of life can be improved. Needless to say, misdiagnosis or late treatment necessitates aggressive treatment such as radiation, chemotherapy and even surgery where need be. All these are risky and can lead to death. Here is a list of some of the possible damages resulting from misdiagnosis or delayed treatment:

• Long-term disability
• Treatment that is more aggressive, painful and invasive
• Longer recovery periods
• Lost wages
• More expensive treatment
• Severe physical pain
• Scaring, disfigurement and probable loss of other organs
• Loss of sexual function
• Inoperable cancer
• Premature death

If you or any of your family members suffered any of these injuries, feel free to contact a medical malpractice attorney at the Zevan and Davidson Law Firm in St. Louis, Missouri. One of our highly qualified attorneys can review your case for free and help you determine if you have a valid claim.

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