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What to Expect During Your Missouri Medical Malpractice Case

By David Zevan  Jun. 4, 2015 11:29a

Investigating a potential medical malpractice case is much more complicated then you may think.

Just because you had an unexpected or bad outcome after a procedure does not necessarily constitute that medical malpractice took place. In order to know for sure, it would be helpful to have a Missouri medical malpractice attorney to review the details.

It is likely that your first contact with a medical malpractice attorney will be over the phone. Certain questions such as where the incident took place and when will be asked to first determine if the attorney is able to take the case and if there is still time to file a lawsuit. Once the attorney is sure of these points, you will be asked to schedule a face-to-face meeting to go over the specifics.

At the Initial Meeting With Your Missouri Medical Malpractice Attorney

When preparing for your first meeting with your medical malpractice attorney, bring with you all medical records and bills that pertain to your case. Write down the timeline of events in order to avoid any confusion while talking with your attorney. Be prepared to answer questions about your medical history prior to the incident, in order to give the attorney an idea of your medical past. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in any type of personal injury lawsuit is to withhold information from your lawyer. While the lawyer’s initial inquiry may seem exhaustive, it is necessary in order to structure a valid medical malpractice case in Missouri. There are certain criteria which have to be met or else your claim may never even be heard.

Medical Record Review

During your initial interview, you are going to be asked to sign paperwork authorizing the law firm to access your medical records. This is done even if you have provided them, since it is rare that you will have been given everything by the treating facility. The lawyer will review those records and possibly seek the advice of a medical expert to help determine where, if any, negligence took place.

The Role of Medical Experts

Medical experts are the most important witnesses in a medical negligence claim. They are the ones who provide crucial information about the recommended standard of care under your circumstances and how the treating doctor, facility, or staff deviated from it. Without their testimony, it is impossible to create a case claiming medical malpractice. There may be times where you will be asked to recount the details of your injury to the medical expert in order for them to have a clear view of what transpired.

Once the attorney feels confident that medical malpractice did take place, the necessary paperwork will be filed with the courts to begin your lawsuit. Many of these cases are resolved through mediation and a settlement agreed upon without the help of a jury. A medical malpractice lawsuit can be a long and complicated process, but with the assistance of a qualified St. Louis medical malpractice attorney from Zevan and Davidson Law Firm you will be able to claim the compensation that is rightfully due to you.

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