Zevan Davidson Roman Law Firm Articles How Medical Negligence Can Lead to Birth Injuries

How Medical Negligence Can Lead to Birth Injuries

By David Zevan  May. 27, 2015 12:39p

New parents look forward to bringing a new life into this world and wait for the time with high hopes.

Holding a child in your arms for the first time is the one of the best experience one can ever have. However, in some cases, the celebrations are marred by an unfortunate birth injury that the baby may suffer during the labor and delivery process. It is even more unfortunate that in some cases, the birth injury is avoidable and is caused by the negligence of a healthcare provider.

It is the duty of every medical provider not to cause harm and to use their training, experience, and skill to take care of a pregnant woman and her baby during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. It is their duty to comply with the standard of care. Medical providers must act in a way that any other reasonable medical provider would do in a similar situation. When a medical provider fails to follow the standard of care, debilitating injuries may occur.

Obstetrician Lawsuits

Obstetricians are responsible for monitoring and managing the health and medical treatment of pregnant women and their babies. They must interact and work with other medical providers such as radiologists, anesthesiologists, and nurses to guide the treatment of the pregnant woman and her baby. Any negligence of an obstetrician can cause life altering injuries to the mother and/or the child.

Anesthesiologist Lawsuits

Most births involve some type of anesthesia such as an epidural. Anesthesia has some inherent risks, but as long as it is administered correctly and the patient is screened properly before giving anesthesia, there are generally no problems. Failure to administer anesthesia correctly may result in a birth injury lawsuit.

Hospital and Nurse Lawsuits

Obstetrical nurses play an important role in the safe delivery of the baby. Obstetrical nurses are responsible for continuous monitoring of the mother and baby and informing the doctor of any unusual or dangerous signs such as fetal distress. Nurses do not merely follow the orders of the doctors, but they play an active role in the treatment of the mother. If a nurse’s error causes a birth injury, the nurse as well as the hospital that employes him or her may be held liable.

Midwife and Birth Center Lawsuits

Today, many women are choosing natural childbirth; however, this comes with its own risks. It is the duty of the midwives and birth centers to inform a pregnant woman about these risks and have emergency plans in place.
If you believe your child suffered a birth injury because of the negligence of a healthcare provider, contact a St. Louis birth injury lawyer from Zevan and Davidson Law Firm, LLC at (314) 588-7200.

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