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The Use of Forceps and Birth Injuries

By Kevin Davidson  Jan. 30, 2015 12:05p

Unfortunately, complications during childbirth are disturbingly common. Thankfully, medical professionals are well-trained and equipped to manage these complications effectively and in a safe manner. Still, in spite of all the latest technological advancements, birth injuries do occur. These injuries can result in long-term pain and suffering for the baby, the mother, and the family. If a birth injury has occured because of medical negligence, the responsible party should be held accountable for their actions.

The Use of Forceps

In the case of difficult deliveries, forceps are a commonly used tool that guides the infant through the birth canal. Forceps look like tongs, and the baby’s head is held between them and is gently pulled out of the pelvis. Forceps are useful when the mother is unable to push the baby out on her own. Forceps are commonly used in case of prolonged labor or breech deliveries.

However, when using forceps, a doctor must be extremely careful. First of all, timing is key, as forceps can be used only after full dilation and the rupturing of the membranes. If used too early, the forceps will not work or may cause an injury. A doctor must use extreme caution in placing the forceps on an infant and must be careful not to insert the forceps too far into the birth canal. A doctor must be extremely careful in deciding between the use of forceps and a caesarean section, as the decision can mean the difference between a problem free birth and a serious birth injury.

Birth Injuries Involving the Use Forceps

The incorrect use of forceps may lead to the following injuries to the mother:

  • difficulty in urination
  • genital tract tears
  • excessive blood loss during childbirth
  • uterine wall rupture

The baby may experience the following complications:

  • facial palsy
  • eye traumas
  • seizures
  • bleeding from skull

If you or your child has suffered complications as a result of the incorrect use of forceps and medical negligence, consult an experienced Missouri birth injury lawyer and seek compensation for your losses.

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