I am still in pain after surgery and think they may have made a mistake during the surgery. If they did, can I sue?

I went in for surgery for an abdominal hernia and even though it has been a long time since the surgery was finished, I am still in a lot of pain. I kept waiting thinking I just needed to recover but it has been months and they originally told me a lot of the healing should have been done by now.

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A hernia is an important procedure that can take some time to recover from, though it can vary from patient to patient. For most people, within a few weeks the majority of healing should be completed. During this process a surgeon will need to be careful since even a slight mistake can cause complications. There are a number of issues that can arise and one of these is the entrapment of nerves that can get caught in the mesh placed in the abdominal area as a barrier wall or in the stiches as well. This is just one option that may be to blame and you should be assessed further by a doctor that can determine what went wrong. It is possible that a surgical error may have occurred and this can be the cause of long lasting pain. You should have a doctor evaluate you and discuss the circumstances surrounding your injury with a lawyer. Surgical error is dealt with by many and the mistakes of a surgeon can leave a patient paying to correct it or to manage the pain. A lawyer can provide further insight into if you have a valid claim or not.

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