Featured News 2018 Are Scars Medical Malpractice?

Are Scars Medical Malpractice?

Scarring is the body's natural response to a wound that has healed. Scar tissue is literally skin cells made of fibrous tissue that replace normal skin after an injury. Scars are typically the body's response to a large or deep would that occurred to a person due to severe and superficial traumas. While many scars come from childhood injuries or terrible accidents, one place charges people for the scars they create on others.

Hospitals & Scarring

The job of a surgeon is to perform surgeries with as little invasiveness as necessary. What this statement means is that surgeons are meant to do their jobs while taking care of the patient they are performing their work on. "Taking care" of the patient is a subjective matter in some sense, but medical procedures do have best practices that all surgeons are supposed to follow. However, not all surgeons are as careful as they should be, which can lead to malpractice that can literally scar patients for life.

Some scenarios where doctors can erroneously scar their patients include:

  • Mistakes during cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentations
  • Failure to properly seal or cover a wound
  • Incorrectly patching skin grafts after a burn incident
  • Performing a surgical procedure without heeding best practices

Why Scarring Can Result in Medical Malpractice

A doctor should have a standard of quality that they adhere to every time they begin their work. These guidelines are put forth by medical advisory boards, but should also be followed inherently as a practitioner who cares for the general public. While scarring may be a "less severe" malpractice, it is not fair that a patient should be permanently altered for life due to their doctor's poor performance.

Here is a list of scenarios where scarring is considered malpractice:

  • When a patient receives unforeseen scarring from a procedure that was not life-threatening
  • When a patient receives a scar that was given maliciously
  • When a patient's scar affects their line of work
  • When a scar was created in an improper medical practice

Seeking Financial Recovery Due to Improper Scarring

Financial recovery is possible if you or a loved one has been permanently scarred due to medical malpractice. If you are interested in holding the doctor accountable, you should look into hiring a trusted medical malpractice attorney. These professionals will be able to discuss your case with you, determining if your situation demands justice.

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