Featured News 2019 Medical Malpractice and Loss of Consortium

Medical Malpractice and Loss of Consortium

Loss of consortium is a personal injury claim which helps someone recover emotional from the loss of a loved one caused by the negligence of another party. A loss of consortium claim applies to marriages and relationships between parents and children. When medical malpractice causes a loss of consortium, victims can hold doctors, nurses, or other members of a hospital staff accountable for their neglectful decisions.

Loss of consortium is a personal injury claim that leads to damages for the loss of affection or the loss of normal marital relations after an injury. Oftentimes, loss of consortium can also apply to relationships between parents and children. In medical malpractice cases, victims may be able to prove loss of consortium if they can identify where a doctor, nurse, technician or hospital worker made grave or negligent mistakes that caused the loss of marital privileges.

Oftentimes, loss of consortium can cover damages for:

· Physical and emotional pain and suffering

· Loss of companionship

· Loss of guidance

· Loss of income

The loss of love is a claim that many people do not realize they can make after losing their spouse to an accident. If a person dies in an accident, or if they are hospitals and suffer a decline in their mental health, their spouse can sue for the loss of consortium. Relationships are just as crucial to a person as finances, and the law provides protections for their loss.

If a person relied on their spouse’s income, a loss of consortium can help them gain the financial stability they need after losing their main form of income. This type of claim is resembling situations in which an injured worker sues for the loss of the ability to earn a wage after injury.

If you believe that you have a loss of consortium case, talk with a medical malpractice attorney right away. To prove loss of consortium you will need to discuss the stability of your marriage after the accident, and the quality of life your spouse had before their suffering. An attorney will help you assess your situation, what you’ve lost, and will fight for the compensation that you need.

If you want more information about loss of consortium, consult a professional medical malpractice attorney. A skilled lawyer may be able to assist you in achieving damages. Use our directory to locate a medical malpractice lawyer nearest you so that you can work with someone familiar with the hospitals and doctors in your area.

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