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State Bar Associations

Did you know that many state bar associations keep records of complaints and disciplinary actions taken against the attorneys licensed to practice in their states? This may prove to be a valuable resource if you are considering whether to hire a medical malpractice lawyer and would like to find out if they have a clean record. Following is a list of all of the state bar association websites in the United States. Click on any of these links to visit the website of that bar association, and you can conduct a search for a specific attorney:

Medical malpractice claims are more than just complex. They are extremely important, as they may affect your ability to pay medical bills and begin moving forward with your life in the wake of a serious injury or the loss of a family member. That is why you should take no chances in selecting an attorney to handle your case. Whether you are dealing with a birth injury claim, lost a loved one as a result of a surgical error or were injured when a negligent doctor misdiagnosed your illness or injury, you can use our directory to find and compare local lawyers who handle the particular type of case you have.

In addition to reviewing their state bar records, we recommend comparing their services and qualifications by visiting their websites and scheduling a review of your case. Most medical malpractice lawyers offer free consultations; taking advantage of a complimentary consultation will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have on your mind. Fully informed, you will be in a better position to choose the right lawyer for your case.

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