Pacific Attorney Group Articles What you should know before hiring a motor cycle accident lawyer in Orange County?

What you should know before hiring a motor cycle accident lawyer in Orange County?

By Gary  Dec. 15, 2017 12:31p

Are you involved in a motor cycle accident in Orange country and your injury and vehicle damage is close to serious or major? Then you definitely need an Orange County motorcycle accident lawyer for your precautions and settlement. Orange County boasts for some of the great motor cycle accident lawyers in the country like Larry Parker, Purcell Law or Riderzlaw. There are many other top-notch lawyers; but there are many who are not very adept in securing their client’s benefits. There are certain issues that you should know before hiring a motor cycle accident attorney.

  1. Firstly you should know from before, how can a motor cycle accident lawyer help you so that you can do yourself justice as well as not get partial service from your appointed lawyer. Following are some points in this context:

  1. Legal processes are complicated. Lawyers can help you understand your legal rights and options regarding what you can do as per the law of the country and also as per your particular case. This kind of primary consultation is usually sought in a case where minor injuries and disputes are involved. For more serious and complex matters, you need to appoint a lawyer for defending your case right from the beginning.

  2. You should that your accident lawyer can help you fetch benefit in terms of:

  1. Lost wages due to injury and consequent absence from work.

  2. Medical bills including hospital stay, cost of medicines, physiotherapy, psychological counseling and others if any.

  3. Emotional suffering and damage.

  4. Damage to the vehicle in case there is no auto insurance.

  5. Vehicle damage from insurance companies if they try to negotiate an unfair amount.

  6. Other damages

  1. Lawyers can definitely get you a better settlement than what you would have done alone.

  1. How to choose your attorney in case the site of accident is within Orange County?

  1. He has to practice in Orange County. Certain laws vary as per state and locality. As a local practitioner, the law firm will have more source and hold in the community.

  2. Consult personal referral from friend or family. Ask your friend questions like:

  1. What kinds of rating would like to place on the lawyer on terms of overall performance and satisfaction?

  2. How much time did the lawyer or his firm devote to your case?

  3. Was he communicable enough? Did the law firm give you frequent update about the case?

  4. What is the fee structure?

  1. Many law firms in Orange County allow one free consultation in the beginning, even before you appoint them to your case. In this meeting, you can discuss your case and understand how law can help you achieve benefits? In this meeting, you can get an idea about the lawyer, fee structure and the quality of the legal team.

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