Pacific Attorney Group Articles Handling Car Accident Cases Using a Los Angeles Lawyer

Handling Car Accident Cases Using a Los Angeles Lawyer

Sep. 11, 2017 3:43p

The leading cause of personal injury lawsuits today is the motor vehicle accidents. There have been researches that showed that someone in the US is involved in a motor vehicle accident every ten seconds. In most lawsuit cases, these accidents are caused by the theories of negligence. However, these lawsuits could be brought under the theory that the person driving had no concern for the probability of an accident. Some theories that these lawsuits could be put under is that there was an intentional misconduct or even a strict liability. It is good for you to find a San Bernardino car accident lawyer to help us when we are involved in such lawsuits.

Drivers across the U.S know how harmful distracted driving can get. However, you are likely to find at least one or two drivers looking at their phones as they drive. Distracted driving causes about nine people to die every day just in the United States. There is an additional of 1000 individuals who end up being injured. This is what causes most people to end up looking for San Bernardino car accident attorney to advise them and handle their cases.

You may tend to think of driveways as safe places. After all, you have parked your cars at home, or you are just backing out slowly. Therefore, the path may feel like a very safe place. However, the studies done recently have shown that the driveway accidents are widespread. They also tend to be targeting the younger children. In most cases, the children are injured by their parents or even a close relative and family friend.

Most of the driveway accidents that end up causing injuries to children take two forms. One is the injuries that are caused by a car driven by an adult. The second one is those that are caused when another child shifts a car that is idle into or out of gear.

The children are even more hurt when involved in accidents include the truck or sport-utility vehicles as they reverse. Almost fifty children are backed over by automobiles each week. These kids are mostly two years old or younger.

When you are involved in a driveway accident, you first need to find San Bernardino car accident attorney to advise you. You will realize that the person behind the wheel is not the only one who is responsible. You may also find that you are not the only one who is facing that personal injury lawsuit.

The people who are driving are held responsible for the back over accidents. However, the person who owns the vehicle can also be held accountable. There are cases where the automobile has the backup technology and sensors. If these sensors or camera failed to detect the child, then the automaker or manufacturer could face the product liability suit. Those people who own the homes and did not address any dangerous conditions could also face the premises liability lawsuit.

You will find the information on how to best handle such a case with the help of your San Bernardino car accident attorney. When you have someone you love involved in a driveway accident, it is common for you to be afraid of litigation. This may come from the street accident on your property. You, therefore, need to consult the San Bernardino car accident attorney.

The San Bernardino car accident lawyers will offer assistance when you are involved in these automobile accidents. When you hire a reliable san bernardino car accident lawyer, they will help you recover the losses you incur from the crash. You need to concentrate on the experience, commitment and the fee you have to pay when you are hiring them.
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