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Medical Malpractice Settlements To Be Decided On In Chicago Cases

By David Zevan  Feb. 19, 2013 12:41p

Several cases against Stroger Hospital in Cook County, Chicago could end in settlements that would cost taxpayers $24 million. The medical malpractice cases against the county include several brought against Stroger Hospital and one by a woman who, after her son was treated there, sustained irreversible brain damage. The boy is now three, but in 2011 he was undergoing surgery at the hospital for an undescended testicle. After the surgery, he suffered a cardiac arrest during recovery, but delayed cardiopulmonary resuscitation by medical personnel left him with permanent brain damage. They were able to revive him, but because his brain had been deprived of oxygen for five minutes, the damage to his brain would be permanent. The settlement would provide the mother with about $20 million, which would cover the cost of medical care for her son for the rest of his life.

In 2008 a woman was a cancer patient. Her claim alleges that she had an infection and was not treated correctly for it while also receiving cancer treatment at the hospital. After it developed, the infection was improperly treated and spread. She needed several amputations and eventually passed away two years later. Her case could be settled for $2.4 million.

Another case that alleges improper treatment for infection is the case of a man in 2006. He apparently developed an infection from an external fixator that had been attached to his arm. He was serving time in the county jail for about seven weeks. His case could be settled for $1 million.

These three settlements and one more are going before the Cook County Board for approval. All are against Stroger Hospital, but according to the County Commissioner each suit deals with individual errors and are not indicative of a larger endemic problem. Taxpayers would be responsible for paying out these settlements with money from an insurance fund. He also mentioned that improvements in the risk-management system were being put in place to reduce the risk of medical errors. There is a doctor in charge of the public health system for the county and is overseeing the implementation of these improvements.

When a doctor or other medical personnel makes a mistake while treating a patient and fails to meet the standard of care, there is a potential medical malpractice case. Medical negligence that results in harm to the patient constitutes malpractice, and if you believe you have experienced such negligence, contact a medical malpractice attorney immediately.

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